EZ-EFI Retro-Fit Color Touchscreen Hand-Held Upgrades First-Generation EZ-EFI Systems

A new retro-fit hand-held from FASTTM provides a direct replacement for original EZ-EFI® users and there is no need to update the ECU.
Available Soon
Available Soon items may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Users running the first-generation EZ-EFI® Fuel system now can upgrade to a modern color touchscreen. Serving as the Setup Wizard initially, it then becomes an electronic gauge screen. The hand-held has various advanced features including screen hide/sleep function, an intuitive user interface, expanded diagnostics and more detailed data screens. New adjustments such as cold-start and cranking fuel offsets have been added, while many elements on the dashes are now configurable. There is also no longer a need for the cigarette lighter plug and only one cable is required for installation.