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Dual-Sync Billet Distributor

Replacement Distributor Module - Dual-Sync Billet Distributor

XDi Dual-Sync Distributor (Chevy Small/Big Block)


FAST® XDi Dual-Sync Distributors are designed for a simple drop-in, plug-and-play solution for V8 engines running a fully sequential EFI system. Each distributor features reluctors and pickups that are properly aligned, saving you a lot of time during setup with no need to worry about rotor phasing.

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Due to a variety of changes and updates developed by the talented electrical engineers at fast, these dual-sync distributors are plug-and-play for electronic ignition control with FASTEZ-EFI 2.0®, XFI Sportsman™ and XFI 2.0™. A weld was added to the underside of the "advanced plate sleeve" to provide additional stability to the magnet sleeve for more accurate timing, and increased circuit protection has been added to the sensor module - making the unit less susceptible to noise or timing fluctuations. This also creates more accurate and reliable timing control in harsh conditions or racing environments. Meanwhile, for ease of installation, the cam sync LED display has been changed to green while the crank LED remains red. The wires have also been upgraded to a 20 AWG flexible style, which are much stronger and feature improved durability.

NEW Dual-Sync Features

  • 20 AWG, extreme-duty flexible-style wires for increased strength & durability
  • Revised sensor placement & advanced plate sleeve designs create increased accuracy & reliability
  • Increased circuit protection added to sensor module to make unit less susceptible to noise or timing fluctuations & make for accurate timing control in harsh conditions & racing environments
  • Revised LED strategy for easier set up

Standard Features

  • CNC-machined housing from high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Drop-in, plug-and-play solution for fully sequential EFI when used with XFI 2.0™
  • Reluctors & pick-ups that have been properly aligned right out of the box that eliminate the need to set crankshaft reference angles or rotor phasing manually before installation
  • High output magnetic pick-ups to generate high capacity, noise resistant, discrete switch signals to the ECU, they deliver extremely precise ignition timing and long life
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