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XFI Street Engine Management System (Retrofit)

XFI Street Engine Management System (Retrofit)

XFI 2.0 Marine ECU

XFI 2.0 Marine ECU

XFI Sportsman Throttle Body EFI Engine Control System


Tunable, Throttle Body EFI that bridges the gap between EZ-EFI 2.0® & XFI 2.0™

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Designed for racers and enthusiasts who want more control than EZ-EFI®/EZ-EFI 2.0® but a simpler option than full XFI 2.0™. The programmable and custom-tunable unit is now available with a 4150-style, 1200-horsepower-capable throttle body to provide easy installation when upgrading a previously carbureted setup. The throttle body is based on the popular EZ-EFI 2.0® version.

Custom-Tunable Throttle Body EFI to Fill the Gap Between EZ-EFI & XFI 2.0

Designed for muscle car, late model street, race and sportsman drag racing engines, along with boosted and nitrous applications, the FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Engine Control System is a fully software-tunable EFI setup. It requires a laptop for tuning and uses proven FAST™ C-Com® software, which comes packaged along with the necessary USB connectivity cable. The system offers both load-indexed speed density or Alpha-N tuning strategies; most users will use speed density but the Alpha-N option is specifically added to serve Sportsman drag racers looking for absolute consistency.

Data Logging Nitrous & Boost Capable • Controls Fuel & Timing or Fuel Only

The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ System features full tables to monitor fueling, acceleration fuel, timing and air/fuel targets. A user-configurable auxiliary input channel and full-function data logging are also included. It supports both naturally aspirated and boosted applications up to 5 bar, is compatible with wet nitrous and has nitrous timing retard control. Built-in CAN network support for the EZ-TCU™, EZ-LS™, XIM™ and eDash means users can easily plug-and-play those components with the included CAN network wire. The FAST™ XFI Sportsman™ Engine Control System also features a Bosch wide-band 02 sensor, utilizes built-in diagnostic LEDs, a waterproof ECU enclosure and includes a premium, mesh-type wire loom multi-port harness. Plug-and-play with FAST™ Distributors, EZ-LS™ or XIM™ for electronic timing control or can be used with an EFI distributor of your choice and a FAST™ Crank Trigger. Or the system can be used to control fuel only and be used with a standard carb-type distributor (Ex. HEI) where timing is set manually.

Stock-to-1200HP Throttle Body; Integral Pulse Damper Allows Return or Returnless Fueling

Eight-injector, die cast throttle body (same throttle body thats available w/ EZ-EFI 2.0®) features commonly available late model OEM sensors for accuracy and durability and supports from stock to 1200 horsepower (the highest on the market) engines. It flows more air than the first generation EZ-EFI® throttle body due to an improved inlet, while a new secondary shaft throttle stop adjustment provides even more precise idle airflow adjustment and balance. Meanwhile, an industry exclusive and unique-to-FAST™ integrated fuel pulse damper creates ultra-precise fuel control and allows return or returnless style fuel systems to be used. This throttle body also incorporates needle-bearing supported shafts instead of bushings and an integrated fuel rail design with crossover for tighter packaging. Setup includes the market's fewest connection wires.

System Features Summary:

    • Includes ECU, assembled throttle body w/ sensors/injectors, wiring, wide-band O2 & elec. fuel pressure kit

    • Supports N/A, boosted & nitrous (built-in timing retard control) applications

    • FAST™ C-Com® tuning software; Included w/ necessary USB connection cable

    • Same self tuning strategy that EZ-EFI® offers but is user disabled / enabled

    • Works w/ standard carb-type distributors or FAST™ Distributors for plug-and-play electronic timing control

    • Offers speed density & Alpha-N tuning strategies; Alpha-N included mostly for Sportsman drag racers

    • ECU has LED diagnostics & EZ-Test™ indicator lights

    • High-quality wiring w/ mesh loom & wide-band o2

    • XFI Sportsman™ throttle body features:

      • Same throttle body thats available w/ EZ-EFI 2.0®
      • Higher flowing & higher HP-capable over original EZ-EFI® 
      • All sensors plug into main harness via single connector
      • Holley carb-style: throttle linkage, overall height & 4150 bolt pattern
      • (8) hidden injectors; Uses (4) at idle & phases in additional (4) as needed
      • Supports stock-to-1200HP; Due to advanced injector staging
      •  Markets only fuel pulse damper creates precise fuel control
      • Return or returnless-style fuel systems supported
      • E85-capable up to 800HP
    • Plug-and-play (w/ single connector) accessories:

      • EZ-LS™ GM LS Ignition Module
      • XIM™ Ford Modular/Chrysler Hemi/GM LS Ignition Module
      • eDash Sensor Dash/Touchscreen Hand-Held Tuner
      • EZ-TCU™ GM Overdrive Transmission Controller
Also Available As A Multi-Port EFI System WITHOUT Throttle Body
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