XFI 3-Axis Accelerometer Module

 Reads g-forces for acceleration/deceleration, vertical motion & turns

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The XFI™ 3-Axis Accelerometer Module gives you the ability to read g-forces for acceleration/deceleration, vertical motion and turns. This module, designed to communicate with the C-Com XFI™ software, allows an individual to test and improve launches, braking and cornering of your vehicle. Possible uses for this are off-road, road racing, drag racing and even your street performance vehicle.

The accelerometer module measures and transmits G-force data from all three axes with a range of +/- 4g. The module transmits the data using the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol at 500 kbps. Once transmitted, the data is available for viewing and logging through either the XFI™ or the FAST™ Dash Logger.

The accelerometer module is shipped with the following items.

  • Accelerometer Module 
  • Installation Manual 
  • Wiring Harness