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XFI 2.0 Marine ECU

XFI 2.0 Marine ECU

LSXHR 103mm Intake Manifold for GM LS Cathedral Port Engines

LSXHR 103mm Intake Manifold for GM LS Cathedral Port Engines

XFI 2.0 ECU w/ Intelligent Traction Control & Internal Data Logging


ECU w/ wide-band O2, 5ft communication cable (w/ USB-to-serial converter), & chrome badge



      • XFI 2.0™ ECU w/ Intelligent Traction Control™ & Internal Data Logging
      • Wide-Band NTK O2 Sensor w/ Wiring Harness
      • 5 Ft. Communication Cable
      • USB to Serial Converter Cable
      • Chrome XFI™ Badge
FAST™ engineers designed the revolutionary XFI 2.0™ with improved and expanded functions, capabilities and adjustability. In addition, they upgraded the user interface for power adders, including advanced forced induction, progressive controllability and other advanced racing specific strategies and features. Faster processing means no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.” With a revolutionary new self tuning option, this is the one EFI system with the easy-to-use features and completely configurable capabilities that accurately balance fuel and spark, allowing you to fine tune and precisely control like never before.

 Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder & Race Controls

The Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder and Race Controls include two separate, fully programmable sequential rev limiters for staging or boost building with six options for activation, four priority assignments and a user selectable sequential or random mode for rev limiting. The Advanced Forced Induction Controls include a time based boost controller, user selectable fixed VE and/or fixed timing for boost building and staging repeatability. Newly expanded Progressive Power Adder Controls include configurations for both wet or dry applications; separate tables for power adder solenoid control and fuel control for perfect dry power adder tuning; user adjustable solenoid pulse frequency for optimum solenoid controllability; choice of fixed target air/fuel or standard air/fuel table for correction; and a dry power adder fuel delay in milliseconds for correcting rich spikes on activation. No other system matches the power and adjustability of XFI 2.0™.

 Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table

The Self Learning Auto Tuning VE Table is a new automated process option that makes for quick and easy fuel mapping with the XFI 2.0™. However, this option can be turned off should the user prefer to do the tuning manually. The self learning mode can also be used to speedily and accurately populate a base tune and then turned off for more fine tuning or custom control by the user – it’s all up to you when and how you want to use it. The C-Com® software features enable conditions to turn it on/off automatically and also has an overall enable/disable feature. Requires suitable PC for use.


The XFI 2.0™ uses the latest in flash microprocessor technology to deliver a significantly faster processing speed. It processes, analyzes and adjusts four times faster than previous EFI systems. In addition, a surface mount component circuit board and billet ECU enclosure give the XFI 2.0™ superior durability. And to simplify installation, FAST™ offers engine-specific wiring harnesses with clearly labeled connections.

 Software Advances

The C-Com® XFI™ Windows-based software is easy to navigate and incorporates field flashable capabilities that enable you to download the latest software updates via email or directly from the FAST™ website. Your system will stay current without ever needing to remove the XFI 2.0™ from your vehicle.


The XFI 2.0™ features Qwik Tune™ Technology that allows ECU programming without a laptop. Preprogram up to four different EFI MAPs. You can optimize one setting for everyday driving, others for racing conditions and still another for improved fuel economy. Simply select the tune-up you need with the flip of an in-car switch. Other features include on-board diagnostics, EZ Test™ Indicator Lights, five bar MAP sensing and controls for your power adder and torque converter.


built-in wide-band O2 • fully sequential and/or bank-to-bank capability • individual cylinder correction • fan & fuel pump control • dynamic scaling of vectors in 2D & 3D tables • scalable TPS, air temp, water temp & calibrations • 1, 2, 3 & 5 bar capability • spare definable inputs/outputs for auxiliary fan control, EGT monitoring, etc. • torque converter lockup control • air conditioning wide-open throttle cutout • boost control • enhanced 4 stage power adder controls • multiple calibration stored in ECU w/ switching capability • L-key function for easy steady-state table correction using wide-band • on-board diagnostics • fuel & oil pressure logging • adjustable injector timing • adjustable battery voltage injector opening correction table • fixed timing test mode for easy verification of ignition timing accuracy • spark vs. coolant temp offset table • configurable target air fuel offset table vs. coolant temp table: more accurate warm-up enrichment • selectable safety feature deactivates power adders in event of fault code • automatic & manual TPS calibration modes • patented transbrake control • improved on-board diagnostics


The latest update to the FAST™ line of XFI™ Fuel Injection Systems features greater software capability, more spark features and improved data collection for safety. Including: Individual cylinder correction referenced to RPM; this feature allows for very fine cylinder-by-cylinder tuning throughout the entire RPM band • Dynamic Fuel Pressure Correction also allows for user-enabled correction of fuel pressure changes in real time • Includes the added ability to interface w/ the cost-effective FAST™ EZ-LS™ Ignition Controller, while comprehensive, user-programmable dwell settings for EZ-LS™ & XIM™ applications allow the user to finely tune the dwell time to match the ignition coils that are being used • Other spark features include increased resolution for power adder ramp retard, a timing offset table supporting alternative fuels by their Fuel Energy Constant and a high-RPM, spark-cut rev limiter • Allows for a second communication port for simultaneous use of the FAST™ XFI™ eDash & C-COM® software • New calibration parameters are designed to initiate a minimum oil pressure shutdown • A dedicated real-time baro sensor can be wired in that  supports live corrections of barometric pressure for altitude changes • Progressive power adder fuel & nitrous solenoid duty cycles have been merged into one table to allow for more convenient tuning.


 Internal Data Logging (IDL) *INCLUDED w/ ECU #301007*

The internal memory-based data logging option gives comprehensive data from all vehicle sensors and powertrain controllers. IDL allows recording of up to 24 input channels and sensors to instantly assemble a comprehensive, real-time picture of exactly what is going on under the hood of your vehicle. Newly expanded controls feature a separate arming input option. It doesn’t require additional hardware and is an affordable option compared to purchasing an external data logger.

 Intelligent Traction Control™ (ITC) *INCLUDED w/ ECU #301007*

Intelligent Traction Control™ solves the problem of lost traction that results from trying to put too much engine power to the ground with too little tire by using state-of-the-art predictive software in conjunction with the most sophisticated electronics in the industry. The feature includes user adjustable delay to ignore erroneous starting line activation data and separate output wire activation upon ITC triggering. Intelligent Traction Control™ is not legal in all sanctioning bodies/classes; check your rulebook before ordering this upgrade.

 16 Injector Option

The 16 injector option is available for already existing XFI™ units by sending in your engine control unit and also for brand new XFI™ purchases. This allows the XFI 2.0™ injector drivers to operate up to 16 injectors and includes the injector Y adapter.


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