XDi Race Cam Sync Distributor for Chevrolet 265-400 & 396-454, Large Cap

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FAST® XDi Race Cam Sync Distributors are an easy solution for those looking to provide an accurate cam sync signal to their aftermarket fuel injection system. Designed for applications that typically use a crank trigger, this distributor enables proper functioning of sequential fuel injection, individual cylinder spark timing and fuel injector phasing — a must for maximum power and efficiency. Testing has shown the Hall-effect style optical pickup maintains a steady +/- ½-degree trigger signal, unlike competitors’ inductive style pickups prone to signal drift at high RPM. Ideal for drag racing, high-end street and marine applications, the FAST® XDi Race Cam Sync Distributor is constructed with a billet housing, precision ground stainless shaft and premium bearings. Hand-assembled parts also maintain consistent shaft end play, eliminating another source of triggering fluctuation. Each distributor comes with a precision machined bronze gear and must be used with a crank trigger and external ignition box.