Ultimate StreetFighter Torque Converter C4 11.4" 70-79

 1970-79 C4, 11.4" Bolt Circle, 26-Spline Ultimate StreetFighter™ Torque Converter With Anti-Ballooning Plate


Bridging the gap between our full competition series units and our Super StreetFighter™ converters, the Ultimate StreetFighter™ series of torque converters is designed specifically for extreme street machines. It is imperative that you consult a TCI® Product Specialist prior to ordering this torque converter. Click here for contact information. You may also seek a recommendation by filling out our online form.

  • Furnace-brazed & hand welded fins, cast steel stator, needle bearings, dual bolt pattern, hardened pre-ground pump hub, computer balanced, installation hardware included

  • High torque multiplication, higher RPM launches, lower elapsed times, suited for street/strip applications up to 1200 HP

    Flexplate must be drilled for 7/16" bolts. Dipstick goes into transmission case.