Transmission Flush

Transmission Flush

The Max Shift™ High Pressure Transmission Cooler Cleaner & Flush from TCI® doesn’t rely on gravity like other conventional transmission flushing devices. Instead, this cleaner completely fills the entire cooler and forces out metal shavings and other contaminants through the opposite direction in which they originally became lodged.

Using a patented high-pressure cleaning agent that rapidly expands when it comes in contact with air, the Max Shift™ cleaner back flushes to prevent pollutants from becoming wedged deeper inside the cooler. The high-pressure cleaning solution safely flushes out and removes any harmful metal shavings and sludge in the transmission cooler and lines in order to protect new and rebuilt transmissions from damaging impurities. Available in a single pack with 5/16" fitting or in packs of two with either 5/16", 3/8" or universal barb fittings, the TCI® Max Shift™ High Pressure Transmission Cooler Cleaner & Flush works with virtually any transmission cooler onthe market today.

Don’t let old contaminants ruin your new transmission. This product is a “must” before installing a new or rebuilt transmission. When you need to completely flush the transmission coolers and lines, use the OEM-approved Max Shift™ High Pressure Transmission Cooler Cleaner & Flush.

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