Supercharger & Cam Power Package for Dodge Gen III 5.7L/6.4L HEMI w/ VVT 2011-2018

An Edelbrock® Supercharger Kit and COMP Cams® Cam Kit is the perfect pairing for performance enthusiasts looking for 1000+ HP potential from their Dodge Gen III 5.7L/6.4L HEMI w/ VVT 2011-2018 engines.

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The FAST® Supercharger & Cam Power Package includes a pump gas friendly supercharger pulley for engine break-in, initial tuning and general performance driving, while a smaller pulley is included for when maximum power is desired on race fuel or E85. The package includes the basics required to install the supercharger, but necessary accessory items such as fuel injectors, air intake and heat exchanger pump are left up to the installer, providing total flexibility for custom installations.

The Power Package features an Edelbrock 2650 TVS supercharger with a patented, dual-pass, three-core integrated intercooler design featuring 45% more cooling area than competitors’ superchargers. This industry leading intercooler design is unrivaled in its ability to generate major power gains through lower inlet air charge temps.

Also included is a COMP Cams® cam kit that contains a Low Shock Technology™ Camshaft designed for supercharger applications, along with a phaser limiter kit and perfectly matched pushrods, valve springs, retainers, locks, seats and seals.

Kit Includes:

  • 2650 TVS Supercharger w/ Patented Integrated Intercooler
  • 3.500” SC Pulley
  • 2.625” SC Pulley
  • Accessory Drive Pulleys
  • Fuel Lines & Rails
  • Camshaft – Part #201-337-17
  • Phaser Limiter – #5761
  • Pushrods – #8721-16
  • Conical Valve Springs – #7230-16
  • Chromemoly Steel Retainers – #761-16
  • Valve Locks – #607-16
  • Valve Seals – #531-16
  • Spring Seats – #4678-16
  • Spring Shims – #4815-8, #4813-8
  • Installation Hardware