Standalone XIM Ignition Control Module w/ Harness; Chrysler 6.1L EFI Hemi

Plug-and-play, coil-per-cylinder ignition control w/ FAST™ EZ-EFI 2.0™, XFI Sportsman™ or XFI 2.0™


XIM™ Standalone Coil-On Plug Ignition

The engineers at FAST™ have taken the XIM™ to a whole new level. The coil-on plug ignition controller, originally developed for use with XFI™ systems, is now available in a standalone kit. These kits will enable programmable control of the popular late model coil-on plug ignition systems, independent of the fuel delivery method or any factory computer. The standalone XIM™ can be custom tuned as desired with the easy-to-use adjustment dial pots. This bolt-on solution to coil-on plug ignition is the easiest and most reliable way to run a carburetor or EZ-EFI™ on Chrysler EFI Hemi engines. Complete kit, does NOT require XFI™ or OE computer. Ready to run, tuning optional.

  • Standalone XIM™ Part # 3013142 - For Chrysler 6.1L Hemi Engines