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Dual-Sync Billet Distributor

Replacement Distributor Cap - Dual-Sync Billet Distributor

Replacement Distributor Cap & Rotor - Dual-Sync Billet Distributor

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Replacement Cap & Rotor for FAST™ Dual-Sync Distributors

FAST™ Dual-Sync Distributors are an easy, drop-in, plug-and-play solution for fully sequential high performance V8 EFI engine applications. Featuring reluctors and pick-ups that have been properly aligned right out of the box, they eliminate the need to set crankshaft reference angles or rotor phasing manually before installation. FAST™ Dual-Sync Distributors also feature housing that are CNC-machined for high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Using high output magnetic pick-ups to generate high capacity, noise resistant, discrete switch signals to the XFI™ ECU, they deliver extremely precise ignition timing and long time.

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UPC 036584164111
Manufacturer FAST™
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