PRO-X™ Drag Race Powerglide w/ Rear-Oiling Technology™

PRO-X™ Drag Race Powerglide w/ Rear-Oiling Technology™
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TCI® PRO-X™ Drag Race Powerglide Transmissions are the highest horsepower application transmissions that TCI® offers. They are built completely new (not rebuilt from existing cores) with the best available high-end materials. Available with 1.98, 1.80 or 1.65 Straight-Cut 12DPI Super Set Planetaries, the state-of-the-art PRO-X™ Powerglide Transmissions deliver unrivaled performance and consistency in race cars regularly running 6.70 seconds, 220+ mph in the quarter mile. 

These technologically advanced transmissions feature the PRO-X™ Ringless Input Shaft, 10-Clutch High-Gear Bearing Drum Kit and an industry-exclusive HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology™) Coated Reid Bearing Case. In addition, every unit includes the latest internal component innovations from TCI®, such as the Ringless-Style Gerotor Pump and X-Wide Kevlar Band, HDT Coated Aluminum Deep O-Ringed Pan and High-Flow Filter System. To further ensure every PRO-X™ Powerglide Transmission lives up to the strict TCI® tolerances and performance standards, each unit is Triple Tested including an AxiLine computer dyno test and certification.

PRO-X™ Transmission Part Number 82854631PX2:

  • 2-Piece Reid Case
  • 1.80 Strait Cut Planetary (1.98 and 1.65 also available)
  • Standard Length 4340 Powerglide Output Shaft
  • #749604 Ultra Ringless Input Shaft
  • #743530 Gerotor Pump
  • Rear-Oiling Technology™ - U.S. Patent # 8,298,109 B2