Power Adder Wiring Harness (Ex: Nitrous and Turbo Applications)

XFI™ Optional Harness
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FAST™ XFI™/XFI 2.0™ has provisions for the use of power adders (Ex: Nitrous and Turbo Applications). There are four separate stages of power adder control available. Each stage also allows for changes to fueling and ignition timing using a variety of control strategies. The first stage allows for a “Progressive” controlled power adder, which will allow for a power adder as well as supplemental fuel to be ramped in at any rate over time. The stages occur one after the other at specific intervals. These intervals are user programmable. The first stage - and the timer for the second through fourth stages - begins when three conditions have been met. The TPS and RPM values must be above user-programmed thresholds and battery voltage must be applied to the Power Adder Enable input. This can be wired to a dash-mounted switch to allow the driver to enable the power adder functions. Or in a drag racing application, it might be wired to a clutch pedal switch or a trans brake switch.

Part Number 301400:

  • This harness contains the power adder function wires. There are 6 wires in this harness that control 4 completely separate stages as well as the power adder enable wire and a new power adder hold function.