Coil-Per-Cylinder Ignition Controllers

EZ-LS Ignition Controller No Laptop/Tuning Required

  • For GM LS engines only

  • Works w/ EZ-EFI 2.0, XFI 2.0 & XFI Sportsman for electronic ignition control

XIMIgnition Controller Requires Laptop/Tuning

  • For GM LS, Ford Modular/Coyote & Chrysler Hemi

  • Works w/ EFI 2.0, XFI 2.0 & XFI Sportsman for electronic ignition control & EZ EFI or a carburetor for standalone ignition control

  • If proper cam/crank signals are provided, unit can be custom configured for retro-fits on engines that did not come w/ coil-per-cylinder ignitions

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