E6 CD Circle Track Ignition, E93 Coil & Mount Kit Replacement Mounting Tray

The FAST® E6 CD Circle Track Ignition E93 Coil & Mount Kit includes a sturdy mounting panel to allow for easy installation & removal
The E6 CD Circle Track Ignition is designed for use on both dirt and asphalt. It produces full-voltage sparks through high RPM, the built-in 20-degree start/retard eases cranking and start-up, and the smooth and accurate rev limiter is adjustable in 100 RPM steps. It can also be paired with an E93 coil for the best spark output. FAST® makes installation of the E6 Circle Track Ignition system and associated coil easy with this convenient kit that also features a sturdy aluminum mounting panel perfect for any race car. All internal components are completely encased in soft urethane for protection against moisture and vibration, while wiring is routed into Weatherpak connectors for painless installation and removal.