XDi Sportsman Distributor for Ford 2.3L

XDi Sportsman Distributor for Ford 2.3L, includes non-melonized gear
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The FAST® Ford 2.3L (2300) XDi Sportsman Distributor outperforms the competition by using an advanced optical pickup for the most stable ignition timing throughout the entire RPM range. The distributor is ideal for oval track racing or any other performance application. Its advanced optical pickup was designed in-house and delivers more precise trigger signals than competitors’ magnetic pickups. This accuracy (+- ½ degree) eliminates the inaccuracies common at high RPM in the magnetic style. The FAST® Ford 2.3L (2300) XDi Sportsman distributor is constructed with a billet housing, a precision-ground stainless shaft and premium bearings, all hand-assembled to exacting standards. This maintains a consistent end play that eliminates another common source of timing fluctuation. These key features are why the FAST® XDi Sportsman distributor makes more horsepower than the competition. Each distributor comes with a precision-machined, non-melonized steel gear and must be used with an external ignition box, such as the FAST E6 CD Ignition.