Die Cast Four Barrel Throttle Body

The FASTTM Die Cast Four Barrel Throttle Body is designed for multi-port manifolds w/ a 4150-flange mount & incorporates vital EFI sensors
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Designed with both looks and performance in mind, the FASTTM Die Cast Four Barrel Throttle Body features a black powdercoat and is constructed of aluminum. A perfect choice for multi-port EFI manifolds, this 1150 CFM component also boasts built-in TPS, IAC and IAT sensors for a clean and easy installation. A provision for a MAP sensor is included. The throttle body is designed with Holley-style linkage for universal fitment with aftermarket manifolds and throttle cable or transmission kickdown cable mounting options. The unit is completely made in the USA and accepts cost-effective late model GM sensors. The FASTTM Die Cast Four-Barrel Throttle Body also utilizes sealed needle bearings on throttle shafts and has built-in vacuum ports for easy use with accessories. It does not include fuel injectors or fuel rails.