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Carbide Burr 2" Oval

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Our Solid Carbide Burrs are simply the best available. We stock a ton of different sizes, shapes, cuts and lengths, so we will always have the exact tool that you need for any particular porting or metal removal job. All of our burrs utilize a precise, straight, 1/4" shank in a 2" length. Double cut burrs are general purpose and will make a small controllable cut that is suitable for cast iron or aluminum. Our aluminum cut burrs are for soft, non-ferrous metals or non-metals and are great for removing large amounts of material very quickly. Our burr kits combine our most popular part numbers, a burr stand and considerable savings. Tip: Use double cut burrs for all finish grinding, continually spray the tip with silicone spray lube to prevent load-up when working with aluminum.
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UPC 036584951247
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
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