Wireless A/F Meters

Measure Your Engine's Air/Fuel Ratio The Smart Way!

Our NEW FAST® Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits Allow You To Measure Your Engine's Air/Fuel Ratio Directly From Your Smartphone!  We have revolutionized the tuning industry with the most advanced, app-based, wireless air/fuel meters – in both dual and single sensor options. The FAST® Wireless Air/Fuel Meters use an under-hood mounted Bluetooth module, connected to oxygen sensors in one or both of your engine’s exhaust outlets, giving you the full story on the state of your engine’s tune. With the dual sensor unit, you can read both wide-band oxygen sensors individually, or average them together for super accurate readings of the engine’s true air/fuel ratio.

Easy to use with any iOS or Android device, the FAST® Wireless Air/Fuel Meter App includes a simple, built-in data logger that records up to two minutes of air/fuel and RPM data. Fuel calibrations are preloaded for measuring gasoline, all popular ethanol blends, methanol, diesel and more. Advanced features include 0-5 volt output for external data loggers and digital gauges. Additionally, a selectable module output is provided that can be used as an RPM activated window switch, a lean air/fuel ratio safety cut-off or an innovative anti-theft feature that allows you to manually activate/deactivate a vehicle immobilizing relay - a simple way to protect your vehicle from theft!

Easy To Use  •  Precision Accuracy  •  Live Data Logging  •  RPM Activated Window Switch  •  A/F Safety Cut-Off  •  Anti-Theft Feature

  • Easy To Use
  • Precision Accuracy
  • Live Data Logging
  • RPM Activated Window Switch
  • A/F Safety Cut-Off
  • Anti-Theft Feature

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