Air/Fuel Ratio Module for SuperFlow Dynos

Available Soon

SuperFlow dynos with a convenient 4 pin AMP style connector

For years, if you wanted to use your dyno’s powerful data acquisition system to display and record air/fuel ratios, you would have to piece together an external, standalone air/fuel meter, along with a custom made wiring harness to get a proper signal to record – not a simple task and definitely not a short one.

Seeing the need for an easier way, FAST™ engineers developed a plug-and-play module that makes it effortless for owners of any SuperFlow™ 902, AutoDyn or CycleDyn dyno to measure their test engine’s air/fuel ratio. The FAST™ Air/Fuel Ratio Module for SuperFlow Dynos includes a wide-band O2 sensor and an O2 sensor processing unit that plugs directly into the AMP style connector harness on the dyno. Once you configure the dyno’s analog channel for the fuel you are using, the dyno will begin to display and record the engine’s air/fuel ratio.

Making it easy to use was a priority for FAST™ engineers, so these sensor kits utilize fully automatic sensor calibration. No need to manually “free air” calibrate the sensor, just turn the power on and in just seconds, the FAST™ unit outputs an accurate and consistent air/fuel signal. Additionally, each sensor kit is a standalone unit, so using multiple kits for measuring all your engine’s cylinders is a breeze.