(5 Ft) Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose 3/8" I.D. SAE30R10 - 150psi Capable


The Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is not just another fuel line hose. Capable of handing up to 150 psi and compatible with most popular fuels, the Endure-X™ hose meets or exceeds all fuel injection SAE standards. The kink resistant hose features dual linings to ensure proper fuel delivery in a safe, reliable manner. The hose’s outer lining is reinforced with super duty braids for tear and puncture resistance, while the inner lining ensures smooth, consistent fuel flow and eliminates leakage. Featuring a super tight bend radius and designed to withstand extreme racing temperatures, the hose is sold by the foot; buy as little or as much as you need. The Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is designed specifically for racing EFI and available for external/standard (150 psi, SAE J30R9) applications.

Features & Benefits:
• Capable of handling up to 150 psi; meets or exceeds all stringent fuel injection standards
• Dual linings ensure safe & reliable fuel delivery
• Outer lining reinforced with super-duty braids for tear & puncture resistance; inner lining ensures smooth fuel flow & eliminates leakage* 
• Available for either submersible in-tank (100 psi) or external/standard (150 psi) applications

*Inner lining color may vary