(1) Precision-Flow LS2-Type 85 lb/hr Injector

LS2 (2.078" o-ring to o-ring height) • USCAR connector

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The FAST™ Precision-Flow™ Fuel Injectors are the highest flowing injectors available for GM Gen IV engines and are uniquely designed for direct installation into LS2 engines and other applications that use LS2 sized/height injectors. They are correctly sized (shorter than common LS1/LS6 injectors) and feature the correct EV6/USCAR connector, enabling a hassle-free plug-in operation.

87.8 lb/hr (960.8cc/min) at 58 psi (Stock OEM LS operating pressure)

• For High-Impedance Applications

• V8 Applications will need 8 Injectors