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Step 1 of 6 - Review Optional Features & Select Engine Control Unit

About Optional System Upgrades:

Internal Data Logging (IDL)

FAST™ offers an internal memory-based data logging option to give comprehensive data from all of your vehicle's sensors and powertrain controllers. Available as a downloadable add-on for existing XFI™ owners or as an option with new XFI™ orders, Internal Data Logging allows recording of up to 24 input channels and sensors to instantly assemble a comprehensive, real-time picture of exactly what is going on under the hood of your vehicle. Internal Data Logging doesn't require additional wiring harnesses or hardware and is an affordable option compared to purchasing an external data logger. Internal Data Logging is available with new XFI™ purchases, with or without Intelligent Traction Control™, and in 8 or 16 injector versions.

Intelligent Traction Control™ (ITC)1

One of the toughest challenges for drag racers is the loss of traction that comes from trying to put too much engine power to the ground with too little tire. The FAST™ intelligent Traction Control™ solves that problem by using state-of-the art predictive software in conjunction with the most sophisticated electronics in the industry. Available with or without Internal Data Logging and 8 or 16 injector versions, you can even send in your existing XFI™ unit and upgrade to a new one with Intelligent Traction Control™.

16 Injector Option

The 16 injector option is available for already existing XFI™ units by sending in your engine control unit and also for brand new XFI™ purchases. This upgrades the XFI™ injector drivers to operate up to 16 injectors and includes the injector Y adapter.

Select ECU & Optional System Upgrades:

Intelligent Traction Control™ is not legal in all sanctioning bodies/classes; check your rules before using.